2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Global Studies

The twenty-first century world is one characterized by globalization. The forces of globalization, integration and interdependence, have altered the way human beings interact with one another. World affairs are no longer primarily defined by national boundaries, but by the global integration of resources, ideas and communities. To meet the opportunities and challenges posed by an increasingly interdependent world, the Global Studies Program at California Lutheran University is committed to preparing and educating students to be “leaders in a global society” through their academic coursework and experiential learning opportunities. The Global Studies program offers courses that examine the actors (individuals, countries, non-governmental organizations), ideas and processes that shape the cultural, social, political and economic dimensions of global society. The coursework for this program emphasizes three themes:

  1. Global Culture and Identity,
  2. Global Governance and Civil Society, and
  3. Global Economy, Development and Resources.

Thematic courses are used to illustrate how similar issues are understood across different communities in global society. The program offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes an enhanced appreciation for global diversity (non-Western cultures/societies) and experiential learning.

Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies

36 credits minimum; 24 credits upper division.  Students must take courses from at least 3 different disciplines/departments, and no more than 3 courses from a single department/discipline may be used to fulfill program requirements (except for the language requirement).

Foreign language proficiency equivalent to completion of the 202 level0
Select one of the following4
Global Studies 1
Contemporary Global Issues
Select one of the following:4
International Relations 1
Immigration in the Global Age 1
GLST 401Global Studies Seminar (capstone)4
Global Culture and Identity 23-4
Global Governance and Civil Society 23-4
Global Economy, Development and Resources 23-4
Experiental Learning Program 30
Elective courses 415-12
Total Hours36


This course cannot be used to fulfill more than one program requirement.


At least 3 credits must be taken from this theme


Participation in an approved experiential learning program such as study abroad or internship (no credits will be given unless a specific course(s) is taken; study abroad is highly recommended).


Select at least 3 courses that are designated/approved as primarily non-Western in focus (may be used to fulfill more than one program requirement).


Minor in Global Studies

20 credits minimum; 12 credits upper division.

GLST 101/POLS 200Global Studies 14
Select two of the following: 26-8
Global Culture and Identity
Global Governance and Civil Society
Global Economy, Development and Resources
Foreign language proficiency equivalent to completion of the 202 level0
Elective Courses 10-8
Experiential Learning 30
Total Hours20


This course cannot be used to fulfill more than on program requirement.


Select one course from at least two of the three themes.


Participation in an approved experiential learning program such as study abroad or internship (no credits will be given unless a specific course(s) are taken; study abroad is highly recommended).


Pre-Approved Courses

The following courses have been pre-approved as fulfilling program requirements as designated. Additional courses may also fulfill program requirements with the approval of the program director.

Global Culture and Identity 1
ART 111History of Art4
ART 112History of Art4
ART 411Early Christian Art4
ENGL 211Classical Literature4
ENGL 260Topics in World Literature *4
ENGL 352Gender and Literature: Global Perspectives4
ENGL 360The Holocaust in Literature and Film4
HIST 101World Civilization to 1500 *4
HIST 102World Civilizations Since 1500 *4
HIST 301The Greco-Roman World4
HIST 303Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World 500-15004
HIST 311Modern Europe:1500 to Present4
HIST 313Europe and Empire4
HIST 343Women in Global History4
GLST 200Death on the Nile4
GLST/POLS 477Cityscapes4
MUS 101Music and Culture3
POLS 402Post-Modernism: Politics and Philosophy Of Art4
POLS 411Ethnic Conflict and Civil War *4
REL/HIST 331Christianity in the Roman World4
REL/HIST 332Medieval and Reformation Christianity4
REL 370Introduction to the Study of Global Religions4
REL 372South Asian Religions *4
PHIL 311History of Philosophy4
PHIL 312History of Philosophy4
PHIL 355Chinese Philosophy and Culture *4
SOC 230Introduction to World Cultures *4
SOC 285Travel Course: Exploring Japanese Society and Culture *2
GLST/SOC 318Immigration in the Global Age4
SPAN 405Latin-American Culture and Civilization Capstone *4
Global Governance and Civil Society 1
POLS 360International Relations4
HIST 317War and Conflict in 20th Century Europe4
HIST/POLS 382History and Politics of Latin America *4
HIST/POLS 384History and Politics of the Modern Middle East *4
HIST/POLS 386History and Politics of South Asia *4
HIST/POLS 388History and Politics of East Asia *4
POLS 206Globalizing Los Angeles4
POLS 321Ancient Political Thought4
POLS 322Modern Political Thought4
POLS 341European Government and Politics4
POLS 365American Foreign Policy4
POLS 367Comparative Politics4
POLS 416Social Movements and Politics of Global Change4
POLS 432Political Violence and Revolutions *4
POLS 443Government and Politics of Africa *4
POLS 461International Law and Organization4
POLS 478The Pacific Rim *4
REL 351Global Ethics4
REL 352Environmental Ethics4
REL 353Violence, Religion and Ethics4
Global Economy, Development and Resources 1
COMM 348Website Design and Publishing4
BIOL 118The Oceans4
BUS 394International Business4
ECON 416International Economics4
ECON 460Economic Development4
GEOL 152/152LIntroduction to Environmental Science and Introduction to Environmental Science Lab4
GEOL 395/395LWater Resources and Laboratory and Field Studies in Water Resources4
POLS 414Environmental Law and Policy4

Take a minimum of 3 credits.


This course satisfies the global diversity requirement.


Lower Division

GLST 101. Global Studies. (4).

This course analyzes how social forces and processes have and are transforming the lives of individuals. Issues such as war, peace and justice are examined from a political perspective that reflects them as global rather than national concerns. (cross-listed with POLS 200).

GLST 103. Contemporary Global Issues. (4).

A critical review and assessment will be undertaken of the origin and present condition of the major global issues and problems and how these are being addressed by the local and international organizations. We will also explore ideas and concepts of human trafficking, human rights, coexistence among peoples of different cultures and other critical global issues such as poverty eradication, environmental degradation, health crisis and family/gender issues. (cross-listed with SOC 103).

GLST 200. Death on the Nile. (4).

This introductory course will examine the culture of the ancient Egyptian through the remnants of its architecture, mythology, literature, art, history, and social structure as a way to understand the civilization that influenced and still influences many other cultures in the West.

GLST 201. The Face Behind the Mask. (4).

This course is designed to confront students with the search of truth and instill in them the responsibility they owe as individuals within the community to always search out and advocate it.

GLST 282C. ST: Select Topic (core). (1-4).

Select Topic approved for core.

GLST 285. Travel Seminar. (1-2).

(graded pass/no credit only).

Upper Division

GLST 318. Immigration in the Global Age. (4).

International migration is an integral part of the globalization processes. This course explores the key current theoretical and empirical debates in the study of this global phenomenon. The course covers transnational networks, the formation and implementation of labor recruitment (including human trafficking), migration policies, political conflict, economic and social adaptation, the development of socio-cultural traditions (ethnic identities) and the transformation of gender relations. (cross listed with SOC 318).

GLST 401. Global Studies Seminar (capstone). (4).

A required senior seminar designed to integrate students' understanding of the shape of the world today. This cross-cultural seminar focuses on values and their modes of expression in cultures around the world. Emphasis is placed on research, effective written and oral reporting, and summation of international concerns and issues.

GLST 477. Cityscapes. (4).

Through art, politics, and philosophy, this course offers an in-depth study of the cultural landscape of selected global cities. Along with texts, films, and music from such centers as Prague and Mexico city, students develop their own "cityscape" from a region of their choice (often based on their off-campus experience) as their final projects. Open to all students, this course fulfills the requirement for an honors seminar and is the capstone for the Global Studies major. (cross-listed with HNRS 477 and POLS 477).

GLST 482. Selected Topic. (4).

GLST 482C. ST: Select Topic (core). (1-4).

Select Topic approved for core.

GLST 490. Independent Study. (1-4).

GLST 492. Internship. (2-4).

GLST 496. Directed Research. (1-3).

GLST 497. Departmental Honors. (4).



Dr. Greg Freeland


Dr. Michael Brint

Associate professors

Dr. Haco Hoang

Dr. Akiko Yasuike