2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Women's Studies (minor)

The minor in Gender & Women’s Studies focuses on gender as a primary category of human experience. The universality of this experience, combined with the uniqueness of its expression in every individual, makes gender an ideal site for the rigorous inquiry and respectful dialogue that characterize a well-rounded liberal arts education.

At Cal Lutheran, Gender & Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum that examines the role of gender in history, the workplace and other social institutions. The program encompasses disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Minor in Women’s Studies1

Select three of the following:12
Small Group Communication
Race,Ethnicity,Gender, and Crime
Gender and Literature: Global Perspectives
United States Women's History
Women in Global History
Sexual Ethics
Contemporary Issues in Gender Studies
Women and Politics
Total Hours16


15 credits minimum.


WOMS 490. Independent Study. (1-4).


Program Coordinator

Dr. Peter Carlson


Dr. Adina Nack

Dr. Michaela Reaves

Associate professors

Dr. Haco Hoang

Dr. Allison Wee

Dr. Akiko Yasuike

Assistant professors

Dr. Seth Wagerman

Dr. Bryan Rasmussen