2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Spanish Media (minor)

Minor in Spanish Media

Program Requirements:

Spanish Core (4 credits/Required):

  • SPAN 301 (Conversation & Composition)

Communication Core (4 credits/Required):

  • COMM 231 (Media Writing)

Minor Specific Courses (6 credits/Required):

  • COMM 410/SPAN 410 (Latinx Media in the U.S. (4 credits)) *This course fulfills U.S. Diversity Core-21 Requirement OR COMM 485 (Trvl: Culture, Media Argentina, which fulfills the Global Perspectives requirement)
  • SPAN 431 (Working on El Eco (2 credits))  

Elective (4 credits/1 class): 

  • COMM 331 (Content Creation for Digital Platforms)
  • COMM 342 (Principles of Public Relations)
  • COMM 346 (Copy Editing, Layout & Design)
  • COMM 348 (Website Design & Publishing)
  • COMM 380 (Principles of Advertising) 
  • COMM 407 (Broadcast News Production)
  • SPAN 310 (Rep. of Illness in Latin American Lit)
  • SPAN 350 (Race and Ethnicity in Latin America)
  • SPAN 380 (Intro to Translation)
  • SPAN 401 (Applied Linguistics and Grammar)
  • SPAN 403 (Spanish for Business) 
  • SPAN 463 (Women Writers in Hispanic Lit)
  • SPAN 470 (Film in Spanish)

Program Description: The study of Spanish-language media trains students to connect their language skills to a variety of fields and professions. The Spanish media program helps students increase their level of cultural competence and gain hands-on experience through the El Eco student newspaper and various local internships.

Notes: It is possible to major in communication or Spanish and also earn the Spanish media minor. You can also double major in communication and Spanish and earn the Spanish media minor. Contact the Spanish media minor coordinator for additional information.