2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics for Teaching

Bachelor of Science - Mathematics for Teaching

Total Credits:  46  Upper Division Credits:  26

 Required Courses

MATH 241Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 251Calculus I4
MATH 252Calculus II4
MATH 261Calculus III4
MATH 343Linear Algebra4
MATH 352Probability and Statistics I4
MATH 381Geometry4
MATH 382Number Theory4
MATH 420Real Analysis4
or MATH 425 Abstract Algebra
MATH 475Capstone2
MATH ELECTIVE - 3 or 4 Credits
MATH 492Internship1

Required Support Courses:

PHYS 211Physics for Scientists and Engineers I5
PHYS 211LPhysics for Scientists & Engineers I Lab0
PHYS 212Physics - Scientists and Engineers II5
PHYS 212LPhysics for Scientists& Engineers II Lab0
CSC 210Introduction to Computer Programming4
or CSC 110 Concepts of Programming
IES 362Career Decisions in Education4

Recommended Courses:

MATH 474Capstone Preparation2
MATH 320Elementary Mathematical Analysis4
POLS 102Theory & Practice American Government4
PSYC 200General Psychology4