2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog


(non major/minor)

Conscious of its location on the Pacific Rim, California Lutheran University is excited to be able to offer courses in Chinese at both beginning and intermediate levels. Cal Lutheran expects growth in this field as its students recognize the usefulness of learning one of the world’s most ancient languages and experiencing the culture of one of the largest and most influential nations on earth.


Lower Division

CHIN 101/102. Elementary Chinese. (4,4).

The beginning courses in Chinese are for students with no previous knowledge of the language. These courses will focus on enabling students to communicate effectively in Mandarin Chinese in a cultural context. Training in all the communicative skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as the acquisition of standard pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese, will be included in this course. In addition, a comparative approach will be used to contrast different social/cultural issues and values between modern China and western countries through the study of the language. Prerequisite CHIN 102: CHIN 101 or equivalent.

CHIN 201/202. Intermediate Chinese. (4,4).

These courses continue introducing Mandarin Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar, as well as Chinese culture and computing to students. Intermediate Chinese focuses on the knowledge and critical perspectives in the areas of contemporary society and non-Western culture. Prerequisites CHIN 201: CHIN 102 or equivalent; CHIN 202: CHIN 201 or equivalent.

CHIN 282. Selected Topics. (1-4).

CHIN 282C. ST: Select Topic (core). (1-4).

Select Topic approved for core requirement.

CHIN 285. Travel Seminar. (2).

Upper Division

CHIN 482C. ST: Select Topic (core). (1-4).

Select Topic approved core requirement.

CHIN 490. Independent Study. (1-4).