2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Global Business (minor)

A minor in global business offers students a chance to focus on world trade and the expanding world markets while getting an overview of all aspects of business.

Students interested in business and/or foreign language will benefit from the global business curriculum through hands-on experience with business projects.

Career opportunities in the global business arena include banking, marketing and consulting.

Minor in Global Business

20 credits minimum in Business Administration and/or Economics (16 credits upper division); 4 supporting = 24 total credits.

BUS 251Principles of Accounting4
BUS 394Global Business4
Additional upper division credits from international business and/or international economics courses12
International Finance
International Marketing
Global Business Behavior
International Economics
Economic Development
Global Political Economy

Required Supporting Course

ECON 203General Economics4
Total Hours4



Jamshid Damooei

Paul Witman

Clinical instructor

Judith Richards


Chris Njunge