2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Liberal Studies in Education


The Liberal Studies in Education (LSED) major at California Lutheran University offers prospective teachers with an undergraduate academic course of study that provides strong multi-disciplinary subject matter knowledge as well as an understanding of how children learn and how they develop in social contexts, along with an introduction to the use of teaching methods by applying foundational pedagogical practices in over 200 hours of clinical practice. The program is a collaborative endeavor between the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) and the Graduate School of Education (GSOE). The rigorous course of study meets the California State Content Standards and California Lutheran University’s Institutional Learning Outcomes. The education courses provide knowledge and practice that meet the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). Students who complete the program are well equipped in subject matter content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and clinical practice needed to begin professional preparation in a credential program required to teach in today’s TK-12 school systems.

The mission of the Liberal Studies in Education program is to prepare future teachers to engage in the changing world of education, through delving deeply into foundational theoretical perspectives in education, research-supported effective pedagogical practices for a current societal context, and the integration of research to praxis experience in surrounding school districts, our mission is to prepare teacher leaders who advocate for educational equity and access, grounded in scholarship that advances innovation and addresses community-based needs in P-20 schools. 

Major Requirements for Liberal Studies in Education:

74 units required

Language and Literature
ENGL 111Critical Reading and Writing II3
ENGL 312The Teaching of Writing3
ENGL 316First and Second Language Acquisition4
ENGL 335Children's Literature3
History/Social Science
HIST 101World Civilization to 15004
HIST 121United States History to 18774
HIST 345California History4
PSYC 200General Psychology4
MATH 120Concepts Underlying Arithmetic4
MATH 128Topics in Liberal Arts Math4
BIOL 111/111LPrinciples of Biology and Principles of Biology Lab4
PHYS 110/110LPhysical Science for Liberal Art Majors and 4
GEOL 111/111LPhysical Geology and Physical Geology Lab4
Visual/Performing Arts
ART 341Visual Arts in Education3
MUS 103Music for Classroom Teachers3
TA 440Creative Dramatics for Children & Youth3
Physical Education/Health
EXSC 354Elementary School Physical Education4
LSED 362Introduction to Teaching and Learning4
LSED 382Liberal Studies Seminar4
LSED 402Theories of Teaching & Learning4
Mandatory Minor Required

Note: Completion of ASL-102 satisfies Cal Lutheran's foreign language requirement.

Minor Requirements for Liberal Studies in Education:

Required Foundation Courses
LSED 362Introduction to Teaching and Learning4
LSED 382Liberal Studies Seminar4
LSED 402Theories of Teaching & Learning4
Take 2 courses
PSYC 200General Psychology4
ERS 101Introduction to Ethnic and Race Studies4
PSYC 417Cultural Psychology4
SOC 334Sociology of Education4
PHIL 445Philosophy of Education4


Lower Division

LSED 3ST. Special Topics. (1-4).

LSED 4ST. Special Topics. (1-4).

Upper Division

LSED 334. Sociology of Education. (4).

This course provides an overview of sociological theories of education and current research about education in the United States. Analysis will include the school as a social institution comprised of specific roles, values, and norms. We will examine the role of schooling in both reproducing and challenging social inequalities with an emphasis on how social class, race, gender, ethnicity, immigration, and sexual orientation impact the organization of school, the development of curricula, and the experiences of students. Minimum Sophomore standing.

LSED 362. Introduction to Teaching and Learning. (4).

This course serves as an introduction to the teaching profession. Students who are considering a career in the field of education will become acquainted with the many facets of the teaching profession. Fieldwork in an educational setting is required. Transportation to a school site is necessary (arrangements can be made with classmates).

LSED 382. Liberal Studies Seminar. (4).

The goal of the course is to identify and establish a mission and vision for teaching and learning, to introduce and explore significant issues in teaching and learning, and provide information on pursuing credential requirements. The main emphasis of this course is a minimum of 60 hours of active service in a K-6 classroom where course content is applied in working with students.

LSED 402. Theories of Teaching & Learning. (4).

This course explores the cognitive, linguistic, social, moral, emotional, and physical factors affecting development, academic success (encompassing academic achievement, students engagement and student well-being), and behavior in children and adolescents and the teaching and learning methods that support these goals. **Fieldwork is required for this course. You must make arrangements to conduct fieldwork in a school totaling approximately 60 hours.

LSED 490. Independent Study. (1-4).

LSED 492. Internship. (1-4).



Dr. Brandy Yee


Dr. Stephanie Anckle
Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Kelly Maloney
Visiting Lecturer

Kristen Walker
Adjunct Professor

other faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences