2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Ethnic Studies (minor)

The minor in ethnic studies is based on the belief that the concerns of diverse communities and multicultural studies are important components of a comprehensive education. Ethnic studies is the study of the cultural, political, social and historical forces that shaped the multicultural landscape of the United States. The ethnic studies minor seeks to educate students to be culturally versatile, which is invaluable in an increasingly diverse nation and world. The ethnic studies minor is also designed to enhance skills in critical thinking, comparative analysis and written expression. The minor integrates several disciplines into the overall definitional, conceptual and practical frameworks of diversity and multiculturalism.

The ethnic studies minor offers an education that is beneficial for those considering admission to graduate schools, as well as careers in education, law, business, politics and international relations. This is an interdisciplinary minor that allows the student to accomplish the goals of the minor from social science, artistic and humanities perspectives.

Minor in Ethnic Studies

With the guidance of the coordinator of ethnic studies, students will develop a course of studies to fulfill the minor.  15 credits minimum.

Select four of the following from at least 2 disciplines:16
Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Crime
Studies in African-American Literature
The Holocaust in Literature and Film
Civil War: Slavery to Civil Rights
Multiculturalism, Race & Politics in U.S
Civil Rights Movement
Music and the Civil Rights Movement
RLTH 374Jews and Judaism4
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Contemporary Chicano Literature
Selected Topics (Cleared with the Ethnic Studies Task Force.)
Total Hours20