2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Ethnic and Race Studies

The Ethnic and Race Studies program employs high-quality interdisciplinary scholarship to encourage critical discussion and gain deeper understanding of communities of color in the United States. Engagement with content and theory about ethnically and racially diverse communities will help students develop critical thinking skills and perspectives, expand their comfort level with civic engagement, and build cultural competence in working with diverse groups. The Ethnic and Race Studies program is academically rigorous, methodologically inclusive, interdisciplinary, and engages in critical inquiry of experiences of racial and ethnic groups in the United States. 

The major is 35 credits minimum, 28 credits upper division.

Required for Major:
ERS 101Introduction to Ethnic and Race Studies4
ERS 401Ethnic and Race Studies Seminar4
Elective Credits
Electives credits must be taken at least from 3 different disciplines
ART 105American Art4
CRIM 430Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Crime4
ENGL 350Studies in African-American Literature4
ENGL 353Gender and Literature: U.S. Diversity4
ENGL 361Contemporary Chicano Literature4
or SPAN 361 Contemporary Chicano Literature
HIST 326Civil War: Slavery to Civil Rights4
POLS 210Multiculturalism, Race & Politics in U.S4
POLS 413Music and the Civil Rights Movement4
RLTH 378Asian Religions in the United States4
SOC 200Sexuality and Society4
or SOC 300 Sexuality and Society
SOC 204American Indian Studies4
SOC 210Introduction to Gender Studies4
or WOMS 210 Introduction to Gender Studies
SOC 318Immigration in the Global Age4
SOC 360Racial and Ethnic Relations4
TA 101Introduction to the Theatre Arts4


Lower Division

ERS 101. Introduction to Ethnic and Race Studies. (4).

This introductory Ethnic Studies class draws upon interdisciplinary approaches to understand and problematize the study of race and ethnicity in the United States. The class will discuss the social construction of race and ethnicity coupled with the intersectionality of identify and positionality across race, class, gender and sexuality.

Upper Division

ERS 401. Ethnic and Race Studies Seminar. (4).

Seminar discussions are designed to synthesize and assess knowledge in Ethnic Studies courses. Field work is required to apply theories and concepts to everyday experiences of people of color.