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SPMG 497. Capstone. (4).

The Sport Management Capstone Course focuses on the process, production, and presentation of an applied research/data-based project for a property, cause, issue, or event concerning some issue regarding the management of sport. Sport Management Capstone Projects and the associated artifacts End Products created are tangible assets that can be shown to prospective employers as a demonstration of the application of students' practical sport management knowledge base, research and analytical skills, conceptual ability, writing skills, professionalism, and overall creativity. Prerequisite: senior standing.

Sports Management


Sports Management.  A truly interdisciplinary major that combines the best of business, liberal studies, and science.  Be prepared for tomorrow's wide world of sports including marketing, psychology, coaching, management, and behavioral sciences from both US and global perspectives.  Real world applications combined with exceptional faculty contribute to a broad set of competencies to get you ready for a job in the field of sports management.