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SOCĀ 413. Global Aspects of Sociology and Sport. (4).

Sport is a fundamentally social phenomenon. Like other forms of human behavior, it reveals regular and recurrent patterns. In the context of these patterns, sport has become highly organized, institutionalized, bureaucratized, and commercialized. Technology has standardized sport, created new sports, increased spectator interest and access, and produced new levels of excellence in sport. Sport is also a prominent influence in socializing children. Sport is often described as a microcosm of society. Sport offers an opportunity to study positive aspects of human behavior, such as leadership, cooperation and tolerance, but it also reveals negative social issues such as sexism, racism, and violence. Throughout the semester, we will engage in an exploration of these and other aspects of sport. We will go beyond the mass-mediated images that you receive via the television, radio, and newspaper. We will push past the taken-for-granted aspects of sport that are instilled in you when you first pick up a ball, swing a racket, or dive into water. We willbsee what lies beneath the surface of sport inbcontemporary society, how this institution interacts with others, and what effects it has on both the culture and the individuals within thebculture.