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SOCĀ 300. Sexuality and Society. (4).

Primarily focusing on the United States, this course examines sexuality through a sociological lens. We will explore how sexual attitudes and behaviors have changed over time, looking at which sexual attitudes and behaviors are considered "normal" vs. "deviant," and "moral" vs. "immoral" in mainstream society and different subcultures. At both the interpersonal and societal levels, the course will examine how these beliefs influence societal responses to current social problems related to sexuality: adolescent sexuality, teen pregnancy, contraception, STDs, sex education, sexualized violence, prostitution, pornography, sexual orientation, changing gender roles, and portrayals of sex in popular culture. Minimum Sophomore standing.

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...200 3 Introductory Sociology SOC 101 (must earn...free monetary allowance between $300 and $500 per...