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PSYC 200. General Psychology. (4).

Covers the concepts and principles pertinent to psychological processes as social behavior, development, perception, thinking and symbolic processes, physiology, personality and psychological disorders. Introduces students to the empirical foundation of the discipline of psychology. Prerequisite to all courses in psychology except Psyc 203, Psyc 207 and Psyc 215.



...PHYS 212L Psychology 3 0 Exempt from PSYC 200 Psychology 4,5 4 PSYC 200

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...Guidance Comp Exam Fee $200 Counseling & Guidance Practicum...Comprehensive Exam Fee $300 PSYC 599 Thesis Continuation...

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...Development General Elective 3 Introduction to Psychology PSYC 200 3 Introductory Sociology SOC 101 (must...