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MATH 245. Applied Calculus. (4).

This course examines methods of mathematics used in business and economics, with a focus on problem solving and applications. It includes the ideas of differential calculus, including applications to marginal analysis (cost, revenue, profit), the elasticity of demand, and optimization. Concepts of integration up through substitution are included. Optimization is further examined through systems of linear equations and matrices, linear programming and a brief introduction to game theory. Required for Business Majors. Prerequisite: Math 115, Math 145, MATH 151 or Math SAT 620 or above.



A degree in mathematics is an excellent means of preparation for post-college years, whether a student intends to work in business or industry, teach, or pursue graduate studies. At Cal Lutheran we provide a broad and challenging program designed to develop fundamental skills and to prepare students for lifelong learning. The program features small classes with an emphasis on faculty-student interaction, classroom technology to facilitate learning, computer labs for student exploration and discovery, and a focus on interdisciplinary applications. Faculty mentors assist students in reaching their academic and career goals. Students are challenged to explore the many facets of mathematics and its applications through creative and critical thinking. Departmental space is set aside as a study and resource area for majors. Free tutoring for lower division courses is provided in the Math Lab.