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HS 2012. American Lutheranism. (3).

What has it meant to be a Lutheran in "America," i.e., in the United States? What might it mean to be one now? How might we develop an understanding of "American" Lutheranism as a cultural process whereby individuals and groups map, construct, and inhabit worlds of meaning? In addressing these questions, we will consider significant aspects of "American" Lutheran life??immigration and ethnicity, belief and identity, theology and confession, institutional arrangements, gender, religious practice and piety. Evaluation will be based on participation in class discussion, written assignments, and a final paper. The course will meet three times in-person during the course of the semester: 9/3, 10/15 & 12/10. The September and October meetings are both on Tuesday from 12:40pm to 2:00pm. The one in December is TBA.