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ENGL 111. Critical Reading and Writing II. (3).

English 111 offers continued practice with college-level reading, writing, and critical thinking practices and beyond, with individual sections organized around themes or topics. Instruction emphasizes writing as a process of drafting, peer review, and revision. Writing assignments emphasize the synthesis and analysis sources, and the development of original arguments. Recent English 111 course topics include the Vietnam War in Literature, Deviance in Literature, and Writing in (Urban) Space. English 111 is a prerequisite for all other English courses and a requirement for graduation, therefore it should be taken during the first year of enrollment. Prerequisite: Engl 110.



Cal Lutheran’s English Department faculty maintain a high level of instructional integrity, involve themselves with their students in first year writing through upper division courses, and encourage students to present their research and creative work at local, regional, and national undergraduate conferences.



...Comp 3 0 ENGL 110 English: Lang & Comp 4,5 3 ENGL 111 English: Lit...

Graduation Requirements


...course credit. Written Communication : ENGL 110 and ENGL 111 . ENGL 111 must be passed with...

Bachelor's Degree for Professionals


...General education includes: Proficiencies Written Communication : ENGL 110 ENGL 111 -Freshman English with a grade...