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EDDH 546. Inclusion/Collaboration/Itinerant. (3).

This course is designed for Education Specialist candidates to address issues related to inclusion, itinerant teaching, and collaboration with all members of the school community for the benefit of students with special needs. Students with special needs, including those with hearing loss, need to be able to access the core curriculum to the maximum extent possible and within the least restrictive environment according to their IFSP, IEP, and ITP. Students become acquainted with IFSP, IEP and ITP documents which provide the foundation for professional team members to make decisions on goals, placement, and transitions across the lifespan. Universal Design for Learning will form the foundation for accommodations and modifications. Within a wide range of service delivery options, candidates will explore their roles as itinerant support teachers, co-teachers, consultation teachers, and student supporters within inclusive settings. Issues, standards, and goals related to English Language Learner will be integrated into course activities.