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EDDH 545. Develop Audition/Speech/Spoken English. (3).

The course will allow candidates to teach speech and spoken English language instruction with children and youth with hearing loss, including those with additional challenges in a clinical practicum. Candidates will administer assessments in phonetic and phonologic speech, receptive and expressive language, and auditory skills in a one-to-one therapy setting. From the assessments, candidates will choose targets in each area, write lesson plans, choose appropriate materials, engage and monitor student learning during instruction, and integrate goals into each area using content-based themes. Opportunities for collaboration with the students' audiologists, therapists, teachers and parents will be integrated into the course. Candidates are expected to demonstrate effective and developmentally appropriate strategies and behavior management techniques during instruction. Candidates will participate in a 30-hour speech/spoken language practicum with children and youth with hearing loss in a one-to-one clinical therapy setting which integrates and demonstrates knowledge and skills from previous course work.