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EDDH 525. Academic Curriculum Grades K-5. (3).

Candidates will assess and develop academic goals and learning outcomes for the students with hearing loss, grades K-5. Candidates will develop IEPs integrating their knowledge of typical and atypical child development during the elementary school years, demonstrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL), accommodations and modifications to state content standards, as well as planning lessons for instruction with specific strategies for students with hearing loss and additional special needs and English Language Learners. Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of: planning and Instruction for English Language Learners; making content accessible for students with hearing loss and additional disabilities, such as autism; assessment and planning of instruction for grade levels (K-5) in a variety of instructional settings; sequencing and differentiating instruction using state-approved materials; best practices and strategies acquiring literacy and grade-level state content standards; and teaching compensatory strategies.