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EDDH 518. Early Childhood D/Hh & Working Families. (4).

Parent/Infant and preschool early intervention models for children who have been diagnosed with a hearing loss will be presented. Candidates will gain an understanding of typical and atypical infant and preschool-age child development, knowledge of a variety of appropriate assessments, strategies for guiding parents in natural settings as well as center-based programs, coordination of services for children with additional challenges, an understanding of participating in interdisciplinary teams, the ability to foster interagency collaborations, and skills to help families from diverse backgrounds. Legal, ethical, and linguistic factors will be discussed for this population. Candidates will develop skills in writing and implementing IFSPs and IEPs in a variety of settings. Candidates will participate in guided practicum experiences in parent-infant programs as well as in preschools (special day classes and inclusive settings). This course will examine parents' feelings, emotions, and attitudes related to the diagnosis, education, and challenges of raising a deaf or hard of hearing child. It will include readings, class discussions, lectures, role-play, observations in parent support groups and parent education classes, and parent guest speakers.