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ED 1135. Critical Rlgs Pedagogy: Chrstn. (3).

Taught by PSR. This course explores five themes: the who, what, why, where, and how of Christian religious education. Philosophy of education and ministry will be framed through readings, praxis and discussion. The goal is to review and renew each participant's approach to educational ministries in diverse context by critically reflecting on the sometimes uncomfortable relationship between the having of novel/great ideas and pragmatism. Specifically, participants are hoped to be able to: 1. differentiate different approaches to religious education, and understand the fundamentals of critical pedagogy as a framework for religious education; 2. understand the nature of Christian Religious Education and its theological, historical, and educational contexts from critical pedagogical perspective; 3. identify their own assumptions about and approaches to Faith Education, and how these are derived from and influence their own personal, social, political, cultural, racial, and religious contexts; 4. critically evaluate these approaches through readings, lectures, small group work, and other class activities; 5. articulate and develop in a written form their own theology of education; and 6. develop skills to create and facilitate communities of learning and teaching, and, through small group work, learn the basics of curriculum development. A participatory and empowering approach to Critical Christian Religious Pedagogy will be utilized throughout the course. Each participant is strongly encouraged to have a specific educational setting for praxis. [Auditors with faculty permission].