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BIOLĀ 438. Immunology. (4).

This course will cover the basic concepts of immunology on a cellular and molecular level. Concepts such as innate and acquired immune responses, humoral and cell-mediated responses will be integrated throughout the course. Advances in modern molecular immunology are consistently shaping our understanding of the immune system and, as such, students will be required to read and analyze recent publications in the field. We will also be studying principles of immunology in the laboratory. Students will discover how blood typing, white blood cell counts, pregnancy tests, allergy tests and immunity tests are all performed using concepts of immunology. It is expected that this is the first course in immunology that students will have taken, however, a good understanding of cellular and molecular biology is a prerequisite. Lecture, 3 hours/week; Lab, 3 hours/week. Prerequisites: Biol 121, Biol 124L and at least one course of the Cellular and Molecular Biology category.