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BIOLĀ 224. Human Physiology. (4).

Human Physiology is the study of mechanisms that underlie the functioning of the human body, from the molecular level to the organismal level with an emphasis on organ systems. Physiology is a biological science that is inherently interdisciplinary since it utilizes mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. While the focus of the course is physiology, anatomy will be covered in order to reinforce the interrelationship of structure and function. In the laboratory, students will conduct experiments related to the topics covered in the lecture. In the lab, students conduct hands-on investigational activities many of which involve recording and analyzing data from human subjects. Some laboratory exercises involves interactive computer situations. Lecture, 3hrs/week; Lab, 2.5 hours/week. Prerequisites: Human Anatomy BIOL 223 or BIOL 121. High school or college chemistry highly recommended. Co-requisite: BIOL 224L.

Exercise Science


...students in Exercise Science. 1 BIOL 223 and BIOL 224 (Anatomy and Physiology) are prerequisites...