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BIOLĀ 123L. Intro Biol Experimentation I. (2).

This course introduces students to the processes of investigative biology and communication. It is not designed to accompany any particular core lecture course. The course is designed to develop the skills students need to progress as young scientists: forming and testing hypotheses, scientific observation, interpreting results, experimentation, analysis and communication of scientific discovery (both oral and written). Laboratories cover some topics presented in some of the core lecture courses (Biol 120, Biol 121 and Biol 122) and introduce a variety of techniques including field sampling, statistical analysis, classification of organisms and physiological measurement. The course emphasizes experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis,integration of results with information reported in the scientific literature and the effective communication of conclusions. Evaluation is based on short lab assignments and scientific papers. There are no prerequisites. (Offered Fall semester).