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BIOLĀ 122. Intro to Metabolism, Genes & Developmt. (3).

This course introduces the structure and function of biomolecules, energy flow in a cellular context, mechanisms of heredity, the expression of genetic information and the means by which genes encode developmental programs. It will be seen that genetics and development are part of a continuous process and that the genetic mechanisms and developmentalpatterns of living organisms reveal a fundamental kinship of life on earth. Genetics as a tool for the study of biological problems will be introduced, as will some current topics in genomic research and biotechnology. Students willing to explore these topics in greater detail are referred to upper division courses in Genetics, Macromolecular Structure, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology. No prerequisites. Recommended: Biol 120, Biol 121.



...BIOL 121 Biology 5 6 BIOL 120 , BIOL...HIST 121 or HIST 122 History: European 4...