2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

University Costs

The following costs are for the 2019-2020 academic year. Changes in costs will be listed on class schedules. The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.

Graduate Tuition

Activity Cost
MBA $855 per credit
MBA-EP $1105 per credit
MS-IT $855 per credit
MS-ECON $855 per credit
MS-Management $855 per credit
Financial Planning $855 per credit
IMBA $855 per credit
CFP Certificate Program $645 per credit
MA-E/MS-E/TPP/Credential $770 per credit
MPPA $785 per credit
MS-Psych $795 per credit
EdD $985 per credit
PsyD $1020 per credit
PLTS $22,460.00 (annual flat rate 12-20 credits) $595 per credit if below 12 credits

Fees (Fees are non-refundable)

Activity Cost
Application Fee $50
Audit Fee One half the tuition listed above
Comprehensive Exam Fee MFT Clinical Competence $125
Comprehensive Exam Fee MFT Law and Ethics $125
Comprehensive Exam Fee for MS Clinical Psychology $250
Counseling Psychology Practicum Fee $450.00 per credit hour
Counseling & Guidance Comp Exam Fee $200
Counseling & Guidance Practicum Coordination Fee $100
C & G Field Studies Fee $100 - $150
Ed.D Orientation Fee (non-refundable) $200
Late Registration Fee (for registrations submitted after the first class meeting) $50
Late Transaction Fee (for employer reimbursement applications and/or employer policy received after the second week of the semester) $50
Teacher Prep Assessment Fee $200
Thesis/Dissertation Binding Fee (minimum of three copies required) $40 per copy
Transcript Fee See www.callutheran.edu/registrar
Graduation Fee (prior to filing deadline) $100
Graduation Fee (after filing deadline) $125
MPPA Comprehensive Exam Fee $300
PSYC 577 Thesis Continuation Fee $100/semester
PsyD Assessment Lab Fee (Fall and Spring of Year 2) $500/semester
PsyD Practicum Fee (Fall and Spring of Year 2) $900/semester

Graduate Housing

Private apartments and rooms are available for rent in the surrounding communities. CLU’s Director of Student Life may be contacted for housing assistance. Limited on-campus housing within the residence halls may be available for unmarried graduate and fifth-year students.

The Residence Life Office is able to assist graduate students in finding off-campus housing in the Conejo Valley area.

Payment Options

  1. Payment in Full
    Tuition is payable in full at the time of registration or during the first week of the semester using one of the following methods:
    1. Personal check payable to CLU; or
    2. WebChecks and ACH payments\made through CLUpay
  2. Monthly Payment Plan
    Pay via ACH on an Automatic Monthly Payment Plan
    • Enrollment fees apply
    • No Interest
    • Plans available for 15-week, 11 week and 8-week terms
    • Employer Reimbursement participants do not qualify Email stuaccts@callutheran.edu or call (805) 493-3180 to speak to a CLU representative who will help you estimate your costs.

Financial Responsibility

CLU does not automatically drop students from a class if they register but do not attend. Students remain financially responsible for the tuition charges. To officially drop a class and be eligible for a tuition adjustment, students must either complete and submit an add/drop form or complete the change online using WebAdvisor. The add/drop form will be dated by the site coordinators at off-campus centers or by the Registrar’s Office on the Thousand Oaks campus.

WebAdvisor can be used to change your schedule through the first two weeks of the term. It is strongly suggested that you print a confirmation of the change for your records. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email at your CLUnet address, confirming the acceptance of the change in your registration status.

If, at any time, proof is required of a successful change in your enrollment, a copy of the confirmation and email will be required. The withdrawal date officially determines the tuition charges as follows:

All 15-week Semester Graduate Program

Drops or withdrawals within:
1st and 2nd week        100% Refund

3rd and 4th week        40% Refund

5th week                    20% Refund

6th week                    No Refund

All 11-week Semester Programs

Withdrawal during the first two weeks of class allows a full refund of tuition charges. Withdrawal after the second week provides no tuition refund for students.  A variation of this reduction policy may occur if the student has federal financial aid. Fees are not refundable. Please note that the dates used for reduction of charges are not the same dates used by the Registrar’s Office as last date for withdrawing from a class.

Weekend-Only Courses

Drops or withdrawals within:

1st week of courses        100% refund of tuition charges

2nd week or later            No refund of tuition charges

All 8-week Online Programs

Drops or withdrawals within:

1st week of courses        100% refund of tuition charges

2nd week or later            No refund of tuition charges

Financial Obligations

Academic records will not be released and students will not be permitted to register for classes if financial obligations for a previous semester have not been met. For information regarding student accounts or billing procedures, students should contact the CLU Business Office at (805) 493-3176.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer may delay payment for up to six weeks after the last day of the term. To take advantage of this deferred payment plan, it is your responsibility to:

  • Submit a confirmation letter or company policy from your employer one time, prior to the start of your first term.
  • Submit a completed Employer Reimbursement application prior to the term you begin your enrollment and annually each fall term thereafter.
  • Statements are only available electronically
  • If the application and/or company policy are received in the Student Accounts Office after the second week of the term, a $50 late transaction fee will be assessed.
  • If your employer does not provide 100 percent reimbursement, you are responsible to pay the difference prior to the first class meeting.
  • If your employer reimbursement plan has a maximum annual limit, CLU will cancel your deferral when that limit is reached. You will be responsible for payment of all tuition charges exceeding your policy limit prior to the first class meeting.

Applications are available on campus or under “Forms” on the Student Accounts Web page. The form may be downloaded and faxed to (805) 493-3886 or completed online and transmitted electronically to the Student Accounts Office.

Students are ultimately responsible for payment of their fees, tuition and costs. Payment of your account is expected when your employer reimburses you or no later than six weeks after the end of the term.

If full payment has not been received within six weeks from the end of the term, interest of 1.25 percent will accrue monthly on the entire unpaid balance. A hold will be placed on your account to prevent the release of transcripts and future registrations until your balance has been paid.

Rights and Responsibilities

Upon registration, the student agrees to accept the responsibility and legal obligation to pay all tuition costs, room and board fees (if applicable), and other special fees incurred or to be incurred for the student’s education.

The University, in turn, agrees to make available to the student certain educational programs and the use of certain university facilities, as applicable and as described in campus publications.

A student’s failure to pay all university bills shall release the University of any obligation to continue to provide the applicable educational benefits and services, including statements of honorable dismissal, transcripts of records, diplomas or registrations. The student shall also be denied admittance to classes and the use of university facilities.

Information regarding student account balances will be released to the student only. To release financial information to a third party, students must provide written authorization to the Student Accounts Office.

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS)


Activity Cost
MDIV-Annual Flat Rate (years 1 & 2) (Enrolled 12-20 credits) $22,460.00
MDIV, MTS, CATS, CTS, Unclassified (per credit) $595
MA (per credit) Set by GTU
MA Continuing Fee (per semester) Set by GTU
TEEM (per course) $995


Activity Cost
Delaware Apartments - 1 bedroom (PLTS students) $8.640.00
PLTS Students Total (9 months) $8,640
Non-PLTS Seminary Students Total (9 months) $13,090
Delaware Apartments - 2 bedrooms (PLTS students) $5,850 per student
Non-PLTS Seminary Students Total (9 months) $8,790 per student

 Housing Fees

Activity Cost
Housing Application $0
Housing Deposit - Delaware Apartments 1 Bedroom (Footnote 2,3) $500
Housing Deposit - Delaware Apartments 2 Bedroom (Footnote 2,3) $500
Pet Deposit $500

Other Fees

Activity Cost
Application for Admission $25
PLTS Tuition Deposit $100
Student Insurance (ELCA Seminary Requirement) TBD
Student Association Fee (annual) $150
Technology Fee (per Term) 4 $55
Audit Fee 50% of tuition rate
Late Registration Fee $50
Change of Enrollment Fee (per charge) $0
Transcripts (per copy) See www.callutheran.edu/registrar
Expedited Transcript Processing Fee See www.callutheran.edu/registrar
Graduation Fee - before filing deadline $100
Graduation Fee - after filing deadline $125
Replacement Diploma Fee $50
Monthly Payment Plan (per term) $50
Returned Payment Fee $25
Affiliation Fee (ELCA requirement) $1,050
Leave of Absence Fee $0
ID card Replacement $15
Campus Keycard Replacement $100

Refund Policy

Activity Cost
Termination on or before the Friday of the second week of classes 100%
Termination on or before the Friday of the fourth week of classes 40%
Termination after the Friday of the fifth week of classes 20%
Termination after the Friday of the fifth week of classes 0%