2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Certificate in Information Technology and Data Analytics

The Certificate in IT Management is a four course option for professionals who need to gain or upgrade their IT skills to meet current market demands focusing on the managerial aspects of information technology.

This program is suitable for students who would like to become IT Managers, IT Project Managers, IT Consultants, IT Strategists, Chief Information Officers (CIO), or Chief Technology Officers (CTO) among others.

You will be prepared to create IT strategies that support the business, innovate with IT, and manage projects, as well as develop and maintain the IT architecture and infrastructure of an organization.

Take the 2 required courses:
IT 508Information Technology Management3
IT 512Project Management3
Take 2 elective courses from the following:
IT 509Data Management3
IT 510Software Planning and Development3
IT 511Data Communications and Networking3
IT 513Information Security3
IT 514Distributed Systems3
IT 520IT Strategy and Business Value3
IT 521Healthcare Information Technologies3
IT 522Enterprise Systems3
IT 523IT Architecture and Infrastructure3
IT 524Emergent Technologies and Issues3
IT 582Special Topic (IT Management)3

The Certificate in Data Analytics is a 4-course option for professionals who need to upgrade their IT skills to meet current market demands.

Data analytics is the systematic analysis and interpretation of data using various computational and statistical tools in order to support decision-making based on the scientific method.

This program will prepare you to create, develop and implement data models as well as work with big data sets using a real-world data cluster managed in-house to derive insights and make recommendations.

Take this required course
IT 509Data Management3
Take 3 courses from the following:
IT 530Principles of Data Analytics3
IT 531Data Mining3
IT 532Data Warehouse/Bus Intelligence3
IT 533Big Data Technologies3
IT 582Special Topic (Data Analytics)3