2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Academic Programs

System of Course Descriptions

Courses of study and descriptions are arranged according to course numbers within the departments. All graduate courses and some upper division undergraduate courses are listed in this catalog. Other undergraduate courses may be applicable to a master’s degree. For a complete listing of Cal Lutheran  undergraduate courses, consult the University’s undergraduate catalog. The course value in semester credits is indicated within parentheses after the course title.

Course Numbering System

Courses numbered 300-499 are upper division undergraduate level courses normally taken by juniors and seniors; however, approved courses in the 400-level may count as graduate credit if completed after admission to the graduate program.

Courses numbered 500-599 599 are graduate level. Not every university department offers a graduate program; however, all departments may offer the following graduate courses: 582 Selected Topics (1-4), 590 Independent Study (1-4).

Courses numbered 600-799 are doctoral level.

Courses numbered 800-899 are professional development courses designed to meet professional needs and to update and expand professional knowledge and skills. This upper division credit is available only to those who have at least a bachelor’s degree. Credit is not applicable toward a degree and is based on 15 hours of satisfactory participation in an organized continuing education program. With prior approval from the Director of Adult Education, credit may be applied toward a credential. Courses are normally graded on a Pass/No Credit basis.

Courses numbered 900-999 are Continuing Education Units (CEU). The CEU is a means for measuring and recording noncredit, postsecondary level study. A CEU is based on 10 contact hours of satisfactory participation in an organized continuing education program. These courses are not designed for application to a degree or credential, but rather for recording of noncredit course work.

Courses numbered 1000-8999 are graduate level seminary courses.

Previous numbering

Prior to fall semester 2001, 600–699 numbered courses were offered for noncredit only and were ungraded. Prior to fall semester 2009, 700-799 numbered courses were offered for noncredit only and were ungraded. Participants in these courses were not able to claim credit or challenge the course for credit at a later date.

Prior to the fall semester 1975, all continuing education courses were numbered with upper division numbers (300 and 400 series) and a prefix of “C.” These courses were applicable to credentials for persons eligible for Fisher credentials and were applicable to a degree at CLU when indicated on the transcript record.

From fall 1975 through summer 1977, continuing education courses were numbered in an 800 level series. These courses were upper division level and normally enrolled students had baccalaureate degrees. Although the courses were designed primarily for professional improvement or advancement and not applicable to a degree or credential, persons could apply them to a credential where appropriate and with approval of the Chair of the Education Department. Application of the courses to a degree was at the discretion of the department involved.

Graduate Programs

California Lutheran University offers master’s degrees and credential programs both on campus and at off-campus centers. Information regarding specific locations and class schedules for each semester is available on the CLU website at www.callutheran.edu. The programs are as follows:

  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership
  • Doctorate in Higher Educational Leadership
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts
    • Educational Leadership
    • Spirituality and Social Change
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
  • Master of Science
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services
    • Counseling and College Student Personnel
    • Counseling Psychology (with an emphasis in):
      • Marital and Family Therapy
    • Education of the Deaf
    • Quantitative Economics
    • Financial Planning
    • Information Technology
    • Management
    • Special Education
  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Master of Business Administration
    • (with professional tracks in):
      • Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship
      • Finance
      • Human Capital Management
      • Information Technology
      • International Business
      • Marketing
  • Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration in Financial Planning
  • Master of Public Policy and Administration


  • Teaching
    • Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject
  • Administrative Services
    • Preliminary
  • Pupil Personnel Services
    • Clear (School Counseling and Child Welfare and Attendance* Authorizations)

                *Must complete PPS at CLU to be eligible for CWA Authorization

  • Education Specialist
    • Preliminary (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialty)
    • Preliminary (Mild to Moderate Support Needs, Extensive Support Needs)


  • Advanced Theological Studies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Financial Planning
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Business Operations for Practitioners
  • IT Management
  • Post MBA Certificate Program Series
  • Post MSQE Certificate in Financial Economics and Risk Management
  • Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (T.E.E.M.)


  • Bilingual

Undergraduate Programs

California Lutheran University offers 41 major and 42 minor programs of study within the University’s schools.

Bachelor's Degree for Professionals

Bachelor's Degree for Professionals is a bachelor’s degree program designed to meet the needs of part-time returning adult students who wish to complete their degree while juggling the time demands of work, family and other commitments. The bachelor’s degree received through the Professionals program is the same high quality as that awarded in Cal Lutheran’s traditional undergraduate program; however, classes are held in the evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate the working adult. See the Bachelor's Degree for Professionals section of the Undergraduate catalog for additional information.

Institutes and Centers

The following CLU centers and institutes enhance scholarly activities, research opportunities and community outreach:

Autism and Communication Center

California Institute of Finance

Center for Academic Service Learning

Center for Economic Research and Forecasting

Center for Economics of Social Issues

Center for Entrepreneurship

Center for Equality and Justice

Center for Faith and Culture

Center for Non-Profit Leadership

Center for Performance Excellence

Center for Teaching and Learning

Community Counseling Services

Online Master of Business Administration in Financial Planning

The online MBA in financial planning is an accelerated program where students earn their MBA and become eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. The course work is fully online and has a financial services focus and dedication. Courses are offered year round in five 8-week terms. For convenience and schedule flexibility, the online program is available to students as their schedules permit. Courses are taught by dedicated field experts and tenured faculty. The accelerated nature of the program allows students to complete their MBA in about a year and a half if desired. The financial planning program is registered with Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

Continuing and Professional Education

  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Opportunities for Educators

Continuing and Professional Education programs at California Lutheran University bring adult professionals together to share their wealth of experience and talents. For more than two decades, professionals have taken these courses for professional training and personal enrichment in the unique learning environment of personal support and service for which California Lutheran University is known.

These programs extend the unique cultural and scholarly resources of the University to professional and community audiences and involve the University in collaborations with external organizations to present programs and events which are not normally part of either an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Courses are offered on the Thousand Oaks main campus and at several off-campus locations to accommodate adults pursuing course work on a part-time basis.

Formal admission to the University is not required for enrollment, and there is no limit to the number of courses a person may take. These low-cost courses are normally graded on a Pass/No Credit basis. Varied program formats include evening and weekend courses, seminars and one-day exam preparation courses. For further information on any Continuing and Professional Education program, call (805) 493-3130 or email cpe@callutheran.edu.