2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

This is an archived copy of the 2016-2017 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.callutheran.edu.

University Costs

This section explains the financial responsibilities associated with enrollment at Cal Lutheran. Specific details regarding fees, payment methods, due dates, policies and procedures administered through the Student Accounts office are provided for your information.

Enrollment Deposit

A $450 non-refundable enrollment deposit is required of all new students.

Housing Damage Deposit

A $400 damage deposit must be submitted with the initial housing application. Refund will be made after graduation or withdrawal, provided there are no other financial obligations to the University.

Registration and Fee Payment Policy

  • Complete the registration forms
  • Review your online pre-bill in WebAdvisor
  • Fill out the online Payment Contract located on the Cal Lutheran Student Accounts website
  • Pay the required tuition, fees and housing charges prior to the deadline for fee payment, as noted on the statement of charges. Exceptions are those who have enrolled in the monthly payment plan.

Note: Students who have estimated financial aid (including loans) must confirm pending aid and make payment of any difference. Proceeds from Stafford loans are received on various disbursement dates throughout the semester. The lender may send correspondence indicating an earlier disbursement date, but refunds will not be released before the third week of the semester. Therefore, students must be prepared with other funds to purchase books and supplies. Average cost of books for one semester is $850.

Payment Methods

Paying in Full

The student account balance is paid in full prior to the beginning of the registered term or by the financial clearance deadline.

Pay by Check

Please include your student ID number on the check and mail to:

California Lutheran University
Business Office #1220
60 West Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Pay online through CLUpay

CLUpay allows students to:

  • Make tuition and deposit payments online
  • Receive email and text notifications when interest accrues on your account
  • View and print your most recent monthly statements and billing history
  • View e-payment history
  • Create a unique login for authorized users, i.e., parents, etc.
  • Enroll in an automatic monthly payment plan
  • Set up eRefunds to get refunds faster
  • Initiate international wire transfers 

Electronic Statements and Payment Opportunities on CLUpay

  1. Login to MyCLU 
  2. Open WebAdvisor
  3. Click on CLUpay

Authorizing Users for Electronic Account Access

  1. Login to MyCLU 
  2. Open WebAdvisor
  3. Click on CLUpay
  4. Create Authorized User PIN

Pay via ACH on an Automatic Monthly Payment Plan

  1. Enrollment fees apply
  2. Plans available for 15-week semesters and 11-week terms
  3. Employer Reimbursement participants do not qualify
  4. Contact us at stuaccts@callutheran.edu or call (805) 493-3180 to speak to a Cal Lutheran representative who will help you estimate your costs.

Finance Charge

A finance charge of 0.83 percent per month will be added to account balances at the end of each monthly billing cycle if arrangements have not been made to participate in the Monthly Payment Plan.

Online Service

Cal Lutheran provides students and parents the convenience of online billing and payment options through CLUpay. Email notifications are sent to students via their Cal Lutheran email accounts. CLUpay offers unique login PINs for authorized users, i.e., parents, employers, etc. Paper statements are only sent to the home address prior to the beginning of each semester. CLUpay accounts need to be checked monthly for new charges, credits, and/or assessed interest.

Financing Alternatives

Contact the Cal Lutheran Financial Aid Office at (805) 493-3115 for information on other financing options such as alternative loans. Students or parents may also want to contact their lending institutions for other possible sources of financing. Many commercial lenders will make private educational loans to families who meet their credit requirements. These loans are available in a variety of forms, including personal loans, credit lines, home equity loans, insurance policies and passbook savings loans.

Reduction of Charges

Withdrawal dates used by the Student Accounts Office for reduction of charges are not the same as withdrawal dates used by the Registrar’s Office as the last date for dropping a class. To officially withdraw from a class and be eligible for a tuition adjustment, the student must:

  1. Withdraw online through WebAdvisor. Upon completion of your online withdrawal, a confirmation will be emailed to you at your Cal Lutheran email address. If you do not receive this confirmation email, you must verify your withdrawal by looking at “My Schedule” through WebAdvisor. If, at any time, proof is required of a successful change to your enrollment, a copy of the email confirmation or a copy of “My Schedule” will be required.
  2. Submit a Change of Program form to the Registrar’s Office on the Thousand Oaks campus. Cal Lutheran does not automatically drop students from a class if they register but do not attend. Students remain financially responsible for a reduced portion of their charges according to the following schedule:


  1. Withdrawal during first and second weeks of semester: 80% refund of tuition charges
  2. Withdrawal or course drops during third and fourth weeks of semester: 40% refund of tuition charges
  3. Withdrawal or course drops during fifth week of semester: 20% refund of tuition charges
  4. Withdrawal or course drops after the fifth week: no refund


Board reductions are made on a proportional basis computed from the date the student officially withdraws and leaves campus.


No reduction is made for room charges once classes have started. Returning students who cancel their housing contract between May 1 and August 1 will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. Cancellations after August 1 will be charged $400.

Student Vehicles

To assist Campus Security, all vehicles must display a current Cal Lutheran vehicle registration permit. Fines may be assessed if vehicles are not properly registered. For parking and vehicle registration information, visit the Campus Safety and Security website at http://www.callutheran.edu/safety_security/.

Rights and Responsibilities

Upon registration, students and their parents (or legal guardian) agree to accept the responsibility and legal obligation to pay all tuition costs, room and board fees, and other special fees incurred or to be incurred for the students’ education.

Students also agree to:

  • Confirm registration within the first two weeks of the semester
  • Promptly respond to all communication requests from any office on campus
  • Submit all necessary forms and information to the Financial Aid and Student Account offices in a timely manner
  • Apply any and all Federal Work-Study checks as payment to unpaid student account balances

The University, in turn, agrees to make available to students certain educational programs and the use of certain university facilities, as applicable and as described in university publications.

Failure by a student to pay all university bills shall release the University from any obligation to continue to provide the applicable educational benefits and services including, but not limited to, transcripts of records, diplomas or registrations. The student may also be denied admittance to classes and the use of university facilities. Under certain circumstances, student paychecks may be applied to unpaid balances.

Costs for the Academic Year 2016-2017


Activity Cost
Tuition - Full-time (12-18 credits per semester) $19,655.00
Student Fee (per semester) $125.00
Technology Fee (per semester) $110.00

Room and Board

Note: The standard residence halls are closed during Christmas break. The apartment residence halls will be open to those residents during Christmas break. The dining hall is closed and no meals are served during Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring and/or Easter vacations.

Room (per semester) Undergraduate

Activity Cost
Standard residence halls $3,505.00
Kramer $4,965.00
Mogen Hall $4,965.00
Grace Hall/Trinity Hall $5,605.00
Trinity Studio $5,915.00

Room - Graduate Students

Activity Cost
Grace Hall - Graduate $14,410.00 (academic year)

Board (per semester)

(Residents of Kramer, Mogen, Grace, and Trinity halls and university-owned houses are not required to purchase a meal plan.)

Activity Cost
19 Meal Plan (50 Points) $3,075.00
210 Block Plan (50 Points) $3,000.00

Additional Board Options for Mogen, Kramer, Grace, Trinity halls and houses per semester:

Activity Cost
190 Block Meal Plan (50 Points) $2,810.00
Combo 25 Meal + $200 $460.00
Combo 50 Meal + $200 $690.00

University Fees

Activity Cost
Tuition each semester $19,655.00

NOTE: Full-time students (those taking 12-18 hours per semester) will be charged $18,990 each semester plus $1,220 for each credit in excess of 18. Part-time students (1-11 credit hours) will be charged $1,220 per credit.

Activity Cost
Application Fee (paid once, nonrefundable) $45
Late Registration Fee $50
Audit Fee (per credit if less than full time) $632.50
Credit by Examination (Fees are paid prior to taking exam; see Registrar's Office for forms) Fees Vary
Student Fee (per semester) $125
International Student Fee (per year) (Fall $400, Spring $450) TBD
Private Music Fees (excluding tuition) $330
Theatre Arts - Alexander Technique (excluding tuition) (per unit) $330
Techonology Fee $110 (per semester)

Physical Education Fees (excluding tuition)

Activity Cost
Golf $220
Tang Soo Do ACTV-148 $40
Outdoor Adv. Skills ACTV-144 $240
Health & Wellness ACTV-111 $100