2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

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Lower Division

UNIV 101. Freshmen Seminar. (1).

New Student Orientation seminar in which students learn about college life, CLU's history, the pressures of college, coping skills and maximizing their college experience.

UNIV 207. Mentor Leadership. (1).

The Peer Advisor component of the first year of transfer student experience represents an ideal opportunity to positively influence undergraduate students' academics and personal success. Peer Advisors impact student development by supporting the acquisition and application of academic strategies, creating familiarity with campus resources and their appropriate use, and creating a sense of community at CLU in the first year. This important role can also be defined as a mentor. This course is designed to teach Peer Advisors the skills necessary to become mentors, and provides them with information and opportunities to help new students with their transition to college. We will examine various theories, and style types while honing in on leadership styles that are often found in mentors.

UNIV 208. Pre-Health Seminar. (1).

This course is designed to have students investigate topics in the medical field through written assignments, discussions and in-class active exercises and reflect on the student's own commitment and efforts towards a career in the health sciences. Also, the course highlights resources and provides detailed guidance on how to prepare, apply, and be successfully admitted to graduate programs in the health sciences, including planning for academic courses, co-curricular activities such as clinical volunteer commitments, and standardized tests. The students complete 10 written assignments that are researched, cited and explore their motivations for a career in, and knowledge of, medicine.

UNIV 282. Selected Topic. (1-4).

Selected Topic.

Upper Division

UNIV 400. Current Topics in Internal Medicine. (1).

This seminar provides an in-depth look at topics and current practices in the field of internal medicine. This class is intended for Pre-Med students that have complete their introductory Biology courses and Organic Chemistry. Physicians from UCLA Health will be giving seminars on current topics in medicine ranging from preventative care, disease, treatments, policy, ethics and the economics of healthcare. Students will attend seminars and write responses to prompt related to the seminar content.

UNIV 482. Selected Topic. (1).

Selected Topic.