2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

This is an archived copy of the 2016-2017 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.callutheran.edu.

Languages and Cultures

(Includes: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish)

California Lutheran University’s mission commits it to preparing its students to be leaders in a global society. To do this, it insists that its students be conversant in at least one language beyond their native tongue, and offers courses, majors, and minors in a number of languages and cultural areas. The Languages and Cultures Department reflects CLU’s intention to provide strong language instruction, engage students closely with other cultures, work across disciplines, language families, and cultures, and promote study abroad and in other cultural contexts. CLU students can expect growth and change from this dynamic and important department.

Proficiency Requirement

All CLU students are required, for Core-21, to meet the Foreign Language Proficiency in one of the following ways: by achieving a satisfactory score on a Language Proficiency Exam; by passing two courses in the same language; or by passing one course at the second semester level.

For further information and scheduled testing dates, contact the Center for Academic and Accessibility Resources.





Associate professors




Assistant professors


Fiore Urizar

Senior Lecturer and Director of Study Abroad