2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

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Asian Studies (minor)

Asian Studies (minor)

In a future when human value, whether capital or cultural, will move across boundaries with ever-increasing rapidity, educated actors on a global stage will require experiences that take seriously cultures, histories, and economies of particular geographical regions. A majority of the world’s population lives on the Asian continent. Asian societies have made rich contributions to human civilization, and take an ever-increasing role in shaping geopolitical events. An educated, global citizen would do well to have a working knowledge of Asia’s cultures, history, and economics.

The Asian Studies minor offers a rich understanding of the continent, not from the narrow confines of one academic discipline, but rather as an interdisciplinary series of courses that is capable of fostering cross-cultural understanding of this place of many cultures. Our University’s location on the Pacific Rim makes knowledge about cultures across the ocean so much more necessary, particularly for students in professional studies, such as Business Administration. It is a matter of great pride and excitement that here at California Lutheran University, we can introduce our undergraduate population to the multiple dimensions of the geographical and cultural realities of this vast continent.

Minor in Asian Studies

20 credits minimum; 12 credits upper division

Choose 20 credits from the following: (must be from at least two distinct disciplines)20
Intermediate Chinese
Intermediate Chinese
Topics in World Literature
Post-Colonial Studies in Literature
History of Modern China
History of the Modern Middle East
History and Politics of South Asia
History of East Asia
Chinese Philosophy and Culture
South Asian Religions
Sikh Tradition: a Case Study in Global Religions
Travel Course: Exploring Japanese Society and Culture
Business in China and India
Pacific Rim/Art of Japanese Management
Total Hours20



Xiang Chen

Paul Hanson

Sigmar Schwarz

Associate professor

Akiko Yasuike

Assistant professors

Rahuldeep Gill

David Nelson
Minor Advisor

Diana Tsaw


Debby Chang